Rog is a little nutty about time.

Not only is he as punctual as the sun, but he knows how to land that final syllable on the money. That's what 30 years in the biz will do.

More importantly, Rog will never waste your time. He is a true pro, totally respectful of how precious the seconds can be when you need something on the double, and you need it right the first time.

Roger's voice is a polished, well- trained, classical baritone - yet he's versatile enough to give you a variety of reads.

You may have heard people who sound like Rog, but you've never met anyone who works the way he does.

So give Roger a call. If he says he'll call you back in six minutes and 23 seconds, count on it.

Steve Carter VP Marketing & Promotion 9NEWS Denver:

Roger’s voice has been a part of our station for more than 30 years, and he understands our brand better than anyone. That’s why we can just send him copy knowing he’ll deliver the right read every time. He’s the best in the business!

Nutty about Time!